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You can download the Petition for New Commissioners form and print a copy from this website: You will need a minimum of 15 signatures from people who reside within the Livingston Avenue Area Commission boundaries. You will need to return the completed petition with a resume at the October 16 meeting of LAVA-C. You will be given three (3) minutes to introduce yourself to the community at this meeting.


The election day is Saturday, November 3rd, time and location to be finalized at the October 16 meeting.


To qualify, you must be at least 18 years of age and you must work or live in the boundaries of LAVA-C

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***Please note, the meeting date is Tuesday, October 16th ***


These questions were sent by email about the upcoming elections for Livingston Avenue Commissiones. They were great questions and others probably also wanted this information, so I thought we'd share:


1) All eligibility requirements


- A minimum of 18 years old

- Reside or work inside the LAVA-C boundaries (defined in the By-Laws:


2) State all documents (ie resume, CV, etc) that must be submitted and their due dates


- A petition with a minimum of fifteen (15) signatures, printed names, and addresses from residents who live inside the LAVA-C boundaries. There should be only one endorsement per household. The petition with original signatures must be presented in person at the 16 October 2012 meeting of LAVA-C. This meeting will be held at Campion Hall, 2nd floor of St. John located at 640 South Ohio Avenue. The meeting begins promptly at 6:30pm. The petition form is available from You can also use this shortcut:


- A resume or curriculum vitae, with optional cover letter. This can be sent by email to or you may bring seven (7) printed copies to the October 16 meeting. Digital copies must be submitted no later than 13 October 2012 for processing.


3) What must the candidates do to be considered (ie deliver a speech to the commissioners and attendees)


At the 16 October meeting, candidates must give a three (3) minute introduction to the Commission.


4) The bylaws are on the website, but not the additional neighborhood signature requirements sheet.  Can you please email that to us too along with all its requirements?


The petition form can be downloaded now from the website or use this shortcut link


5) Please state any and all additional requirements not stated in the bylaws


There are two open seats on the Commission and there are three seats that will need to be re-elected. Incumbent Commissioners do not need to submit another resume nor will they be required to submit another petition, although incumbent Commissioners are welcome to submit updated resumes. Incumbents will be allowed three (3) minutes at the 16 October meeting to announce their intention to run for another term on the Commission.

Columbus, Ohio
LAVA-C Meeting

January 11, 2020

11 am to 2 pm

Ann Isaly Wolfe Education Center

575 S.18th Street
ED 137/138 - first floor

Parking in the garage located at Mooberry and 18th Streets

Parking vouchers will be provided.